Gispen Municipality changes over to NWOW

Municipality of Gouda

Municipality changes over to NWOW

There are five different municipal locations brought together under one roof in Gouda’s new city hall. The goal is to improve its civil services to citizens, companies and institutions.  The transition to a single location also presents a substantial cost saving. The municipality changed over to New Way of Working to achieve this objective.

Gispen Municipality changes over to NWOW Gispen Municipality changes over to NWOW

“Gispen proved itself a flexible partner during the project.”
- Municipality of Gouda

Gispen Municipality changes over to NWOW

Flexible workstations

New Way of Working saves space because employees no longer have a personal fixed workstation or a fixed working schedule.



In consultation with OTH-architect Angelina Bolten, Gispen came up with a specific definition of the flex-environment, in which the question of unity was key. The solution was found in the implementation of the conference tables, flex-workstations and even the ping-pong table. These pieces of furniture were provided with one and the same undercarriage that resulted in the requested unity.


Gispen Municipality changes over to NWOW

Flexible and cared for
Use of the office environment demands furniture that adapts to its user. Therefore, the height adjustable CubiC dual workstations were selected. These units offer the possibility of a simple cable management. The tables are provided with a cable-duct and all cables are tucked away in the side-walls while accessibility is retained.


The acoustic SDK sliding-door cabinets with punctured doors have been placed as a final element. Employees have enough storage room and the spaces always look cared for and tidy.

Gispen Municipality changes over to NWOW

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