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Gispen is our name. We are an inspiring and skilful partner to our clients. The reliable brand of surprising and sustainable design for the buyers of our products.

Gispen is the exclusive designer of home-, office-, healthcare- and learning environments. We create optimum environments that have a positive influence on people. We do so from our role of designer, manufacturer and supplier, while being an inspiring partner to our clients at the same time.

It is our persuasion that well-designed products and cleverly furnished spaces lead to inspiration as well as motivation. Due to intensive cooperation with national and international designers, clients, partners and suppliers, innovative and stimulating solutions are realised for living, working and learning. We operate according to our core values: Design, Sustainability, Innovation and Inspiration. The result? Products and designs that contribute to environments where people thrive.


We are Gispen. Gispen stands for sustainable design. We strive to create optimum environments by means of inspiring and sustainably designed products that influence people positively. Our goal in doing so is to encourage sustainable use of materials. We stick to our principles and we challenge our partners to create innovative connections between sustainable use and other user requirements (such as efficiency and the well-being of employees but also flexibility, cost-effectiveness and company identity). We do so from our role of designer, service-provider, manufacturer and supplier. We work closely together with our clients, national and international designers and architects, partners and suppliers. This allows us to create surprising and sustainable solutions for office-, healthcare-, educational-, living- and hospitality environments.


Gispen wants to inspire and motivate people with cleverly furnished spaces and well-designed products.

Professionals thoughts

‘Gispen takes its social responsibilities seriously. While doing so we not only think of today, tomorrow or next week. We mostly think about the future. This means that we need to ensure there are enough resources left for the next generation. Resources that can not only produce existing products but new products as well.’

‘It would be great if there would be sufficient resources left for my children’

Maurits van Berckel Commercial director Gispen

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Our core values


Design at its best when it improves your life. The better our products look, the more pleasure people will get out of it. Our designs are practical, well-thought-out, sustainable and a bit eccentric. Together with our designers, clients and suppliers, we strive to create optimum environments that keep their value over time.


Sustainability, how does one maximise human well-being and, at the same time, minimise the environmental strain. We always consider the future lifecycle and recycling possibilities of a product when drafting a design. These guiding principles determine the process of manufacturing and ultimately recycling again. We also continuously involve our clients in our aspiration toward maximum sustainability. In addition, we offer new talent the opportunity to hone their skills and develop into true professionals.


We believe in the power of innovation. Just like designer Willem Hendrik Gispen, who made his products accessible to a wider public. Our focus is set on renewal, while paying attention to well-being, technology and the environment. This allows us to provide clever solutions for working-, healthcare-, learning- and living environments where people can thrive.


Well-designed products and cleverly furnished spaces lead to Inspiration. Therefore, we create environments that support communication, concentration and relaxation in an optimal way. Our work is surprising, stimulating and encourages people to excel in their own way.