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Gispen is our name. Gispen stands for sustainable design. We create environments that have a positive influence on people, as well as encouraging others to handle resources responsibly. We have been doing so for over 100 years. Together with our clients, national and international designers and architects, partners and suppliers we create surprising and sustainable solutions for office, healthcare, education and hospitality environments. We have opted for circular design, manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

Innovative design and production, clever reuse and value retention are important guiding principles to us. This includes:


In 2015, the United Nations defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG'S). The objective is to make our world a better place by 2030. The SDG'S are used to make sustainability more tangible at all levels. Gispen mostly acts upon SDG number 12: responsible consumption and production. Sustainable use is at the core of every step we take. We constantly challenge ourselves and our partners to come up with innovative solutions that stimulate sustainable use and, at the same time, contribute to other success factors of an organisation (such as the well-being of users, the flexibility of furniture and work environments, cost-efficiency and an outward appearance that matches the identity of an organisation).


Gispen strives to create environments that influence people positively by means of inspiring and sustainably designed products and spaces.

Professionals thoughts

‘Gispen takes its social responsibilities seriously. While doing so we not only think of today, tomorrow or next week. We mostly think about the future. This means that we need to ensure there are enough resources left for the next generation. Resources that can not only produce existing products but new products as well.’

‘It would be great if there would be sufficient resources left for my children’

Maurits van Berckel Commercial director Gispen

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Our core values


Design is at its best when it improves your life. Our designs are practical, well-thought-out, sustainable and a bit eccentric. Together with our designers, clients and suppliers, we strive to create optimum environments that keep their value over time.


We have opted for furnishing in a circular way. We take our responsibility by conducting business in a way that uses the least amount of resources possible. From product design to return flows, we are fully committed to (re)use and functionality; materials and components serve multiple functions and are reusable in our manufacturing process. We also include our suppliers in the principles of reuse, and manage our clients’ products. We attribute value to these products and make good arrangements on financial incentives. 


We believe in the power of innovation. We don’t take this lightly: we think and operate in innovative ways when it concerns technology, the environment and the well-being of users. In addition, we are innovative in working together with clients, partners, suppliers and renowned designers and architects. Together we create the best possible solutions.


We are convinced that well-designed products and cleverly furnished spaces motivate and inspire people. We therefore create inspiring environments that support communication, concentration and relaxation in an optimal way. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of office, healthcare, education and hospitality environments.