Sustainable design

Sustainable design

Collaborating with architects

Gispen realises various projects together with architects. This is something we enjoy doing because we always complement each other perfectly. From finetuning specific products, materials or colour schemes to coming up with a sustainable interior design plan. Our objective: translating architectural- and interior designs into matching furnishings. In line with the client’s identity, as well as being sustainable and future-proof.

Gispen has considerable expertise and experience when it comes to sustainable interior design. We also have specialists with great knowledge of the industry we operate in; often pitching in while coming up with clever solutions for office-, healthcare-, or educational environments.


Whether you are shopping for a specific product or a full interior; our extensive collection offers unlimited possibilities. In addition to the Gispen collection, we have a wide array of other top-brand products on offer. And because we have our own production facilities, we can provide you with tailored solutions.

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Media directory

All the documents you need in various formats, from CAD data and 3D files to technical drawings and a large collection of project photography. You can find it in our media directory.

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Furnishing sustainably

Gispen has opted for circular design, manufacturing and entrepreneurship from the principles of reuse, loss prevention and less waste production. We extend the lifecycles of existing pieces of furniture (REVIVED by Gispen) or transform them to fulfil new purposes (REMADE by Gispen). Our guiding principle for the new products we design and manufacture in-house is the so-called circular Design Framework (developed together with TNO). Based on this framework, we award products a CE label (circular economy). This label shows how high a product scores on the circular ladder.  

Design Framework