Dutch Government awards circular office furniture contract to Gispen 

The Government of the Netherlands and Gispen will be working together in the field of circular furniture. The completion of the tender procedure on October 26, 2017 has led to the final selection of Gispen as supplier of office furniture to the Government of the Netherlands. Circularity was an important requirement. Sustainability, product lifecycle extension, value retention and prevention of waste production are key points within the partnership.


Today it has been made public that the Dutch Government has awarded Gispen the contract of being its new supplier of sustainable office furniture. Gispen will supply office furniture to all ministries (FM Haaglanden), Custodial Institutions Agency and the Public Prosecution Service. This new contract also applies to other public authorities, including the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), the Education Council of the Netherlands and the Child Care and Protection Board. The 10-year contract takes effect as of today.


Maurits van Berckel, Commercial Director Gispen: “We look forward with great anticipation to start working together. Gispen works according to circular principles, and does so not only with its partners and suppliers, but with its clients such as the Dutch Government as well. Together we work toward a new and improved product cycle, because this is the only way we can truly achieve our circular ambitions. With a circular project of this magnitude, the Netherlands has become a leading innovator in this field of expertise.”


Circular furniture
In this partnership, circular furnishing means that Gispen will provide:

- high-value reuse of existing products, components and materials;

- extending the product lifecycle of existing office furniture - REVIVED by Gispen;

- upgrading existing furniture for new applications (making lockers out of old cabinets, for example) - REMADE by Gispen


In addition, Gispen will supply the Dutch Government with new, sustainably designed and manufactured office furniture. We use the circular Design Framework as a guiding principle for the development of new products. This framework was developed together with TNO and makes circular product development tangible and measurable. The process addresses various aspects such as the use of materials, logistics, (re)assembly, manufacturing, reuse and maintenance.


Maurits van Berckel: “We are enormously pleased to enter into this circular partnership. In the past period, we have refurbished over 20,000 furniture components, giving them a new lease of life instead of sending them off to be scrapped. These products look like new when they have gone through the refurbishing process, allowing us to once again give warranty on these “old” products. It is great to see that the Government of the Netherlands takes its exemplary role so seriously, encouraging Dutch businesses to invest in sustainability.”


Social Return

Another important aspect of the tender is Social Return: helping people to get back into the job market. Gispen’s plan for realising this directly matches this requirement.

Maurits van Berckel: “The great thing about circular manufacturing is that labour is an important factor. Transport, disassembly, sorting of components, assembly – all of these are local activities that are perfectly suited for the Social Return-target group.”

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