Gispen’s Rick Veenendaal (on the right) and Pieter Fritz from Duurzaam Gebouwd (sustainably built) signed the contract during the Building Holland event.

Partnership with Duurzaam Gebouwd

Gispen has become partners with Sustainably Built, which is the integral framework for the construction- and real estate industry. Manager Circular Economy Rick Veenendaal signed the 3-year contract during the Building Holland event.

As an integral framework, Duurzaam Gebouwd bridges the gap between the construction- and real estate industry and focuses on integral collaboration, sharing knowledge and networks and generating new business together. A sustainably-built environment includes sustainable buildings that can only perform optimally if furnished sustainably as well. Entering into this partnership is a logical move, considering that Gispen is fully committed to transitioning toward a circular business model.

The task at hand

The partnership with Duurzaam Gebouwd provides Gispen with the opportunity to actively share knowledge within the Expert Panel but also to publish articles and whitepapers. In addition, we actively participate in various meetings and seminars.

Collaboration is crucial

Working together with other organisations is crucial for accomplishing our circular goals. 
This includes organisations such as Duurzaam Gebouwd, but also partners and suppliers. We involve our suppliers in our circular business proposals, share our knowledge and keep them updated on any transitional steps we take. 

It is also our clients that challenge us to take it that one step further. Together we will make it happen. Clients with whom we have entered into a circular partnership include: ABN AMRO, the Municipality of Amsterdam, UWV and NS.

Click here to read a short interview with Rick Veenendaal on the website of Duurzaam Gebouwd about Gispen’s circular ambitions.


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