Gispen launches CIMO: a clever, circular and modular desk programme

Gispen launched a groundbreaking new furniture programme during the ‘Expedition Circular’ event on 7 December 2017: CIMO. An acronym of circular and modular. These are the two major features of the furniture programme that was specially designed for organisations that believe in sustainability and are continuously evolving. Utrecht University placed the first order; Gispen is supplying one hundred CIMO workstations to the university.

Gispen presented its new furniture programme CIMO to clients and business relations at the Expedition Circular event at The New Farm in The Hague. The product launch was strategically planned; the entire afternoon was dedicated to the latest developments of the Circular Economy and furnishing. And we certainly could not leave CIMO out of the equation.


View the video for a brief impression.


Maurits van Berckel, Commercial Director Gispen: ‘A team of specialists dedicated two years to developing this clever, circular and modular desk programme. We really looked forward to December 7 so we could finally show the result to the rest of the world.’


What makes CIMO so special when compared to other workstations?

CIMO combines sustainability with a characteristic, modular layout. CIMO distinguishes itself by being:

Future proof: adaptable to meet new requirements at any time and on site.

- A design that promotes healthy working; easy alteration between a seated and standing work posture

- Innovative adjustment mechanism (see technical specifications)

- Design your own: a wide variety of options to create your own look

- Sustainable: the frame is 100% recyclable. Components that are no longer in use can be returned to Gispen to be reused elsewhere

Product designer Peter de Boer, the designer of CIMO: ‘Clever furniture concepts are designed for the present as well as the future. This also applies to the frame. You can keep adding elements or adapt this universal, maintenance-free frame at any time'..

Which types of organisations can benefit the most from CIMO?

CIMO has been specially designed for organisations that require flexibility, in their interior as well. Change is the most constant factor for many of these companies. Employees work alongside each other in many different ways, in flex-offices for example, where the number of employees and occupancy can vary. In that case, you need an office or work environment that can adapt to these changes. Moreover, more and more organisations want to adopt a sustainable working method and there has been an increasing interest in the well-being of employees. CIMO meets all these requirements.Gispen-Cimo-dual-table-with-anthracite-frame-and-beech-light-wooden-cover-right-with-folding-table-and-notebook-with-grey-Zinn-office-chair-and-green-Triennial-Work-and-green-backpanel-front-right-view

First order from Utrecht University

The Faculty of Law, Economics, Management and Organisation at Utrecht University will be the first to implement CIMO. The faculty will be temporarily housed in the Law department where they have 100 workstations at their disposal. This temporary location will be used for approximately four years. At the moment, the faculty is still unsure of what their final accommodation will look like, which is why it has opted for CIMO because this desk programme allows you to change things at a later point in time. Upgrading single workstations into a workstation for two, for example. The programme is also in line with the university’s objectives in terms of sustainable use and flexibility (sharing workstations).

 logo universiteit utrecht

Technical specifications

CIMO’s modular connections make it easy for you to change the look or function of your workstations. Everything is put together via screw-, magnet- and snap-on connections. No special tools are required for (dis)assembly. The tabletop offers various utilities such as power and data supply. There are many cabling solutions to choose from (from cable casing to magnetic cable holder, from external box to flex tubing). The revolutionary technology of the frame features a unique manual adjustment mechanism: the crank handle adjusts the desk by no less than 3 cm with each rotation, a massive improvement when compared to systems that have been available up until now, which only adjust by 3 mm per rotation.

Gispen-Cimo-Innovatieve_Versteltechniek afbeelding

Pay per use

Keeping in mind the long lifespan and easy upgrading of CIMO, it may be interesting for organisations to opt for a pay per use construction instead of purchasing it. Companies will then pay a fixed monthly instalment for use of the furniture; Gispen will provide optimal workstations, fully adapted to your particular situation and needs.

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