Gispen signs resources agreement with the Government of the Netherlands

On September 14, the nationwide Circular Economy programme called ‘The Netherlands fully circular by 2050' was presented to the House of Representatives of the Netherlands.

The programme is a guideline for how to be more efficient when it comes to our resources, products and services and thus to ultimately achieve the ambition of having a fully circular society by 2050. There are already countless circular initiatives in place, but we still have a long way to go and we must and can speed up the process.

There are many parties that can and want to be part of this process: companies, governments, knowledge institutions, civil society organisations and many more. It is up to these organisations and their people to achieve a common goal.

The resources agreement is the starting point from which we embark on this journey together.

Using the agreement as a guideline, the Netherlands will start establishing schedules for the transition to take place, which will happen collectively in the course of the next five years. Our ambitions will take shape in this report: what do we want to achieve short-term, mid-term and long-term? All participating parties contribute from their own role, knowledge and expertise.

As the leading innovator in circular furnishing, Gispen takes its responsibility by adopting a business model that strives to use the least amount of raw materials necessary and one that includes its suppliers in the process of reuse. Our focus is set on (re)use and functionality, from product design up to and including reverse logistics; materials and components have multiple functions and are reusable in our manufacturing process. We monitor resources (our clients’ products) by combining a certain value approach combined with proportionate incentives on financial models.
Together we will establish a foundation for the future by means of effort and sharing knowledge!

Click here to be redirected to the agreement and see who has signed it:

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