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Profiting from waste:
New revenue models for sustainable growth

On March 17 2015, MVO Nederland and Port4Growthwill organise the network meeting ‘Profiting from waste: New revenue models for sustainable growth’ at Gispen’s in Culemborg. 


Societal challenges affect companies’ growth strategies, which include population growth, decreasing availability of raw materials, climate change, food scarcity and the development of alternative sources of energy and ICT innovations. This has led to new business models in which everything that is ‘left over’ and is soon to become waste (things, people, refuse, space and food for instance) forms the base. If we forget about money as being absolute for evaluating the economy, an economy based on societal profit maximisation with knowledge, focus and passion will arise.


During the inspiration meeting, numerous examples of organisations that think in terms of sharing, trading and borrowing will be discussed. Let yourself be informed and inspired by front-runners such as Airbnb, Snapp-Car, Thuisafgehaald, Floow2, Women on Wings and I-DID. Join in and opt for ‘business with a purpose’!


Concrete examples from fellow entrepreneurs and experts.

Leading companies which have put sustainable growth strategies in practice will explain their business cases in an interactive setting (Gispen, Werner&Mertz and others).


A panel of experts from Philips Innovation ServicesMVO NederlandPort4Growth and Rabobank will share their visions on the do’s and don’ts of sustainable growth.


Gispen Inspiratiebijeenkomst MVO Nederland


Put it into practice


In the interactive part of this session, you will participate in creating a sustainable growth strategy:

  • What is new and topical in the world of sustainability and societal challenges?

  • How can you implement this into your current revenue model?
  • Following that, how can you really contribute to addressing these (societal) challenges?

  • Which growth strategy will you use to realise a breakthrough for your company?

Signing up and additional information

The network meeting is exclusive to Plus partners and participants of the ‘Grote Bedrijven Netwerk’ (company network) of MVO Nederland and members of Port4Growth. 


Read more about the schedule and find out how you can sign up.

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