The New Way of Working


The New Way of Working is probably common knowledge by now for many people. After having used it in interior decorating for 15 years it has become a familiar concept.

Perhaps you have already come across some of the advantages if you work in an open-plan office. Or possibly in a working environment which allows you to work in different areas; at home or at the coffee place around the corner.

Personally, you may find it challenging to find – and keep – the right balance between working at the office and someplace else. Employers often face a different challenge: how to keep control over expertise and transfer of know-how.



Encourage meetings

In our business, we often come across offices which have been converted into desirable places, where employees feel at ease. An example of which: Gispen has executed an exceptional project which includes a super deluxe restaurant, where employees can enjoy tasty and healthy sandwiches, freshly pressed vegetable juices, granolas, yoghurt and salads – there is something for everyone’s liking.

What’s remarkable about this project is that there aren’t many seats in the restaurant. It was more important to create a cosy and orderly restaurant at the very centre of the building. The restaurant serves food at two different times of the day, keeping in mind the logistical side of things. The restaurant is now the beating heart of the office. It is even used for breakfast meetings.

A great example of how people can be encouraged to come together and how knowledge transfer can be safeguarded.

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