Every year, we strive to manufacture products in a more sustainable and responsible way. Knowing what your footprint is as an organisation can help you do so. The Climate Neutral Group calculates our CO2 footprint on a yearly basis.


As the name already suggests, the Climate Neutral Group is committed to making organisations, products and services climate neutral. The association calculates our CO2 footprint for us. A CO2 footprint reveals the largest emission sources of an organisation. The calculation shows the daily CO2 emissions but also explains where reductions can be made.


The reduction of CO2 emissions is an important objective for Gispen. This is something we have invested in, from the production process up until logistics. The progress reports regarding our CO2 footprint keep us focused and show us where further reduction is possible. We aim to have reduced our CO2 emissions by 5% in 2017.


Combined with CO2 reduction, climate compensation is the way toward climate neutrality. Gispen compensates for CO2 emissions via an investment in sustainable climate projects. These include wind energy projects, bio-gas in Asia, Gold Standard Cookstoves in Uganda and efficient wood stoves in several other African countries. BASED ON STANDARDS The assessment form that the Climate Neutral Group uses has been developed according to the Green House Gas Protocol, an international standard that dictates how a CO2 inventory is made. The CO2 footprint meets ISO 14064-1.

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