Curvy chair

Price on request

Product description

Curvy owes its optimistic appearance to its curves.  The delicate steel wire frame brings a rare slenderness to the design. That way rooms packed with chairs will retain their transparency.

A chair as a concept

Casala’s Curvy is available in wood or in a fully colored plastic version, as an upholstered barstool or a traverse seat. Also available with a writing board for left-handed or right-handed people, a bible tray or a bookshelf. Anything is possible with Curvy, and yet it always stays itself. Passive and active seating positions are possible due to its ergonomic shape.


  • Armrests attached to the legs by means of butt welding
  • Damage protection and guide rails for stacking
  • Runners provided with ultrasonic welded felt
  • Fire approved connection between chairs
  • Backrest directly bolted on (to the plastic)
  • Visible TIG welds
  • Stackable by 45 chairs on a transport cart
  • Possible to connect and stack armchairs and chairs together
  • Seat and backrest available in wood and in 11 different colors of plastic
  • Both armchairs and chairs are 100% recyclable  


Brand Casala
Designer Sigurd Rothe
Stock status 8 weeks leadtime