High expectations? Together we will go above and beyond.

High expectations? Together we will go above and beyond.

Circular economy

Circular furnishing and entrepreneurship. Reuse. Preservation of value. Reduced consumption. These are the key terms for the circular economy. Gispen believes in the circular principles. We are convinced of the fact that well-designed, sustainable products will provide a sustainable interior. Whether this is your working-, educational-, healthcare- or living environment.

Circulaire Economie Gispen

The client’s thoughts

Network provider Alliander has realised its ambitions in terms of sustainable entrepreneurship in the form of a new, positive-energy building at its branch in Duiven. Gispen pitched in by providing the furniture, all according to circular principles. They refurbished 750 existing workstations, which were also given a technical update. Gispen also takes responsibility for maintaining the furniture and guarantees a long lifecycle of its products.

'Together we have embarked on a journey into the unknown. Working together with Gispen has given us the energy and inspiration to continue on this journey’

Mark Hamstra Chain Manager Facility Management I want to go on a similar journey

The circular economy in a nutshell

A circular economy is one that is restorative and regenerative by design, and which aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value at all times, distinguishing between technical and biological cycles. Source: Ellen mcArthur foundation 

If we do not act now, we will run into the first shortages of raw materials in 10-20 years. Closing material loops prevents further exhaustion of our planet. Reusing materials and resources actually makes perfect sense when you think about it. Especially when it concerns your own products. Sustainable use shall prove to be more valuable than property. Circular entrepreneurship shall put an end to the rising levels of pollution, the exploitation of our precious environment and contributes to reducing social inequality on a global scale.


The circular economy is not an empty dream. Many recent developments have made it possible to manufacture and consume in new ways. Such developments have allowed us to reuse materials in a more cost-effective and efficient way.

We will close the loop

As a designer, manufacturer and supplier, we feel responsible for our surroundings and therefore we have made a real effort to contribute to the circular economy. Today's economy is linear by design. The process is based on a 'take, make and dispose of' principle, meaning that raw materials are processed into products and disposed of when no longer needed. A circular economy - on the contrary - functions as a closed loop system, where raw materials and products are reused whenever possible, which ultimately prevents waste production. Gispen’s method for achieving this goal is to be innovative in both design and manufacturing, but also by advising others on responsible and clever use. Reusing and recycling products is also part of the procedure.

Advice & project management

Gispen is in a transition. REUSE > LOSS PREVENTION > LESS WASTE PRODUCTION > Key words when we speak of a circular economy. I believe in these circular principles. I am convinced that well-designed pieces of furniture, both new and used, are the starting point for a sustainable interior. But also that optimum use is achieved by the right combination of extending product lifecycles and responsible use. I also believe that you need to take responsibility for the arrangements you make, and that you need the right incentive to close the loops. There is much to be gained!

‘There are other ways of doing things!’

Rick Veenendaal Manager circular economy Contact me

We will do it together

One does not achieve a closed loop way of working overnight, it requires a transition in how one thinks and acts. Together with its partners, suppliers and clients, Gispen works toward a new and improved closed loop system. We all take part in Use-it-Wisely, which is an international research project. We also take part in the Green Deal network and MVO Nederland. It has become apparent that these collaborations are of great importance to getting a closed loop system off the ground. Take, for instance, the Design Framework, which is a result of our collaboration with TNO within the Use-it-Wisely project. This Framework is a concept for circular implementation, which allows us to compare products and to work towards a more sustainable form of product development. Our clients challenge us to take it that one step further. Together we will make it happen. Experience is the mother of wisdom!

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