'CIMO is developed for today and the future'

'CIMO is developed for today and the future'

CIMO: the circular desk collection

Change is the one constant factor for many organisations. All kinds of changes can affect your office and work environment, directly impacting your business. There is a growing focus on health, well-being and performance.


In addition, globalisation and the Internet of Things have changed the way we do business. Resources are becoming scarce and as a result, companies are working towards sustainable entrepreneurship.


Keeping up with these trends calls for a certain dynamism within your work environment. The number of employees may vary, and how they interact can differ too.


Are you looking for maximum flexibility in the workplace? If the answer is yes, then CIMO offers the perfect solution for you. This unique desk collection has been specially designed to withstand the test of time.


Gispen CIMO circulair

Design your own

Gispen CIMO 4-pack with walls

'We all have different ideas about what is comfortable or aesthetically pleasing . We understand that there is no accounting for taste. Because of this, we offer a wide range of shapes, colours and materials for the CIMO furniture collection. Mix and match to form your ideal workstation and optimal setup.'


CIMO is a furniture line with a lot of attention to details. The distinctive design screw shows that we are proud of the modular connections. The slender frame is only 4 cm thick - a model of innovation.


Add some warmth to a workstation by adding a fabric dividing screen. Are you looking for a more natural look? Why not opt for the multiplex top? This way you can give CIMO your own distinctive look. The optional modules have been designed in such a way that you can create a personalised CIMO workstation time after time.


Great attention to detail has gone into the CIMO furniture collection. The distinctive design of the exposed connector is an example of how proud we are of its modular abilities. While the unique frame of only four centimetres thick is the perfect example of slenderness and innovation.

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Future proof

Gispen-Cimo-dual-tableIn the ever changing business environment, this versatile and modular system ensures that CIMO meets all the workplace requirements of today, as well as those of tomorrow. The basic structure of CIMO stands, but its function and appearance can be easily changed to suit new requirements, even after several years of use. This is made possible due to its modular connections; everything is put together via screw-, magnet- and snap-on connections. No special tools are required for (dis)assembly.

One of many options available is to upgrade a single workstation to a workstation for-two, or the other way around. Convert an open working area into a private working area by adding dividing screens, or simply change the colour scheme. With just a few connection points, changing the setup of the workstation from sit-sit to sit-stand (or the other way around) couldn’t be simpler. This enables your employees to change postures regularly, preventing possible health issues.

Moreover, CIMO adapts easily to different working methods. From working individually to working together and from focusing to consulting. CIMO offers the perfect solution for “agile” working, such as Scrum.

Health at work

CIMO zit-sta polaroids

Varying postures while working improves the wellbeing of your employees. The integrated innovative technology has made it possible to create a unique and sleek design, but also ensures that CIMO uses no energy at all. We have put CIMO through an endurance test in which we moved the desk up and down 10,000 times (from sitting to standing and back), with no maintenance required. This means that you can use your CIMO desk for 20 years without having to worry about a thing!

CIMO and the circular economy

Gispen fully embraces the circular economy and it is because of this philosophy that we take account of future returns and reuse possibilities in the initial stages of the design. Gispen stands for high-quality products and we remain responsible for those products throughout their lifecycles, while reducing waste production where possible. We will take back your CIMO furniture when it has reached the end of its lifecycle, after which we will repurpose it or refurbish it to brand-new.


While Gispen aims to produce 100% circular products, we are well aware that the market is not quite ready for that yet. We therefore use the circular model to demonstrate what we can achieve. We value CIMO at four stars due to a circular score of 75%, which we are very proud of. And it goes without saying that we will continue to improve CIMO and fulfil our ambition.


Stustainability and circular economy

Gispen produces its furniture – CIMO including – according to the latest insights into sustainability and the principles of the Circular Economy. Our starting point for doing so is this circular framework.


Gispen Circular Economy

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The designer CIMO

'Clever furniture concepts are developed for the office of today and the future. This also holds true for the frame of the CIMO desk. You can expand or change this universal, maintenance-free frame whenever you desire'.

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