'Waste will cease to exist in the future, only raw materials will remain'

'Waste will cease to exist in the future, only raw materials will remain'

Circular furniture

Gispen believes in the circular principles. We are convinced that well-designed, sustainable products are the starting point for a sustainable interior. Gispen closes material loops and takes its responsibility when it comes to utilising materials.

Circular Economy model by Gispen

Circular products

A selection of our circular furniture is set out below. This will give you an idea of the requirements such products must meet and what they can offer you. A short summary of your circular benefits:

- European EN 527 standards are met

- Longer lifecycle due to modular design

- Efficient and sustainable materials

- Easy to reuse due to quick (re)assembly


Gispen collection

New products that are continuously improved according to the principles of the Design Framework. The lifecycle of products is extended by means of proper maintenance, as illustrated in the infographic above. 



Includes refurbished products that keep their original function. Clients’ products are repaired and, if desired, are given an upgrade (2nd cycle in the infographic). Read more about REVIVED



These products have been given a new function by means of remanufacturing (3rd cycle in the infographic). Read more about REMADE

A selection of circular products