A circular furnishing? We can provide a full service, user comfort and flexibility

A circular furnishing? We can provide a full service, user comfort and flexibility

Circular procurement

If you are considering a circular furnishing, there are quite a few options to choose from. The main objective will always be that of keeping your furniture at its highest value and utility while in use. Furniture will return to Gispen at the end of the product lifecycle. This is one example of how we can work towards a closed loop system together.

Furniture as a Service

Gispen has developed Furniture as a Service, which derives from our strategic vision upon a circular economy. As a designer, service provider and manufacturer of furniture, Gispen attaches great importance to realising the transition towards a circular economy. In a circular economy, we close the loops by reusing resources and products in order to prevent waste production. It is clear to us that a transition is taking place from supplying products to providing services. In other words: transitioning from added value in terms of material and design to added value in the form of providing services, user comfort and being flexible as an organisation. Read on

Green Deal Circular Purchasing

Every day, we get more experienced in circular procurement. Gispen is an active member of the Green Deal Circular Procurement initiative, allowing us to keep track of the latest developments but also to be able to procure in a circular way ourselves, of course. Green Deal Circular Procurement was initiated by MVO Nederland, NEVI, Kirkman Company, Rijkswaterstaat and PIANOO.


Green Deal Municipality of Amsterdam

The municipality of Amsterdam wants to be actively involved in the circular economy by rearranging its procurement system according to circular principles and therefore signed the Green Deal of circular procurement in 2013. By signing the Green Deal, the municipality of Amsterdam has committed to instigating at least two circular procurement procedures. These procurement procedures must lead to the verifiable integration of circular procurement into the strategy, policy and procurement processes by 2016. One of the pilots revolved around office furniture. The final result can be seen here.

The story of the Municipality of Amsterdam

Roland Meijerink has been working for the municipality of Amsterdam as Lead Buyer at the Facility Management department for three years. The FM operates within the municipality of Amsterdam and provides products and services to the City Council and all its municipal bodies. The FM is responsible for procurement, the implementation of Framework Agreements and managing the suppliers of products and services such as corporate wear, furniture and cars.

Please note: this interview is in Dutch.