The sofa of 95% recycled material

The sofa of 95% recycled material

Circular design

In addition to the original Sett sofa, we have developed an improved, circular model to the series: Sett CE. The Sett CE is made out of no less than 95% recycled material!


In order to reduce the production of plastic waste, Gispen has taken its own plastic waste and has made a sofa out of it. We have taken the plastic material of cabinet doors and packing materials to 3D-print the shell of the sofa, for example.


When you reuse materials, you must always make sure that they are separable again, ensuring they can be used once more in a future production process. All materials of the Sett CE sofa are separable and the innovative technology ensures that every single component can be reprocessed into a new product. It is due to these developments that the Sett sofa has now reached 4 stars instead of 1 on the Gispen Design Framework!


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Sett CE bank

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A closed-loop product lifecycle

Plastic is worldwide problem that causes massive damage to the environment, people and animals. The equivalent of one truckload of plastic is dumped into the sea every minute. This equals 1.440 truckloads every 24 hours and 8 BILLION kilos a year (source: plastic soup foundation).


A solution to preventing plastic from becoming a waste product is by making it a valuable material. We discard plastic bags without even thinking about it, but we would never throw away a golden ring. Why? It’s worth money! We can add value to our plastic waste by reprocessing it into a designer product, up to 10 ten times over.


What is unique about Sett CE is that is has a closed-loop product lifecycle. The components of this sofa will live on after the sofa has served its purpose. In addition, we have given plastic waste a new function, preventing it from ending up in the ocean or being incinerated and emitting CO2 into the atmosphere.

Lifecycle Sett CE Gispen

Lifecycle Sett CE Gispen

From plastic waste to designer product

Many of our clients are returning their filing cabinets, because we simply use less and less paper at the office. These cabinets have steel frames which are easy to reuse. The plastic tambour doors proved more of a challenge, which is why we decided to turn them into the major resource for our new material.


TU Delft has developed a completely new material from these doors. Its most important feature: usable as material for a 3D printer and usable up to 10 times without adding any new material. This was a crucial to us, because it drastically extends the lifecycle of the material.


While in the developing process, we found out that we could print clever 3D joint linkages, which was not possible before. The sofa is now made out of 95% recycled material, while all materials are completely separable.  


Sett CE bank

The professional’s thoughts

'The success is most tangible in bringing people, mindsets, designs and materials together. By inspiring others and including people in our circular economy, partnerships are created that truly make the world a better place.’

‘My most successful product development can’t be found in one particular product or action.'

Sarah Schiffer Product & Concept Manager

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