‘A circular furnishing? We can provide a full service, user comfort and flexibility’

‘A circular furnishing? We can provide a full service, user comfort and flexibility’

Furniture as a Service

Gispen has developed Furniture as a Service, which derives from our strategic vision upon a circular economy. As a designer, service provider and manufacturer of furniture, Gispen attaches great importance to realising the transition towards a circular economy. In a circular economy, we close the loops by reusing resources and products for as far as possible to prevent waste production. It is clear to us that a transition is taking place from supplying products to providing services. In other words: from added value in terms of material and design to added value in the form of providing a full service, user comfort and being flexible as an organisation. Gispen believes that the Furniture as a Service (FaaS) business model is best suited to these new requirements and that it promotes the development of a circular economy. A guiding principle of the circular economy is that products still have value after their first phase of use, because the product and its components or materials are reused.

The professional's thoughts

‘The demand for FaaS solutions is growing amongst our clients. This comes as no surprise, because versatility, maintenance and furniture management are all included in our services. FaaS has a great many advantages to offer to large organisations whose needs are constantly changing; a conference room which over time has evolved into a work or lounge space, for example. Smaller organisations prefer a pay-per-use construction to purchasing new furniture. This way they are guaranteed of having high-quality products. We live up to our promises: supplying furniture that lasts, retains its value after use and can be made ready for a new lease of life.’

Danon van der Hoeven Business manager

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Product range

FaaS applies to all Gispen products. Our modular furniture collections are particularly well matched with FaaS because of their flexibility in use.

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