‘Why a green deal?’

‘Why a green deal?’

Green Deal Circular Procurement

We learn more about circular procurement every day. Gispen is an active member of the Green Deal Circular Procurement initiative, allowing us to keep track of the latest developments but also to be able to procure in a circular way ourselves, of course. Green Deal Circular Procurement was initiated by MVO Nederland, NEVI, Kirkman Company, Rijkswaterstaat and PIANOo.

Those involved in the Green Deal Circular Procurement have agreed to stimulate the circular economy through their procurement policies. Two circular procurement procedures have been launched for the purpose of learning from each other’s experiences.

In 2016, all the participants demonstrated to have integrated a circular procurement process into their company policies and strategies. MVO Nederland, NEVI, Duurzame Leverancier, PIANOo and Coöperatie Circle Economy facilitate the participants.

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