'Why only lease cars?'

'Why only lease cars?'

Lease and hire

A good alternative to purchasing furniture is hiring: direct delivery from stock. Hiring is a viable option if your housing is temporary or if your office is subject to peak loads.

How does this work in practice?

There are various options to choose from: from hiring a complete workstation to a large number of tables, cabinets and chairs. We will make sure the required ergonomics, facilities and a swift and professional installation on site are provided. Are you aiming to control your expenses? Leasing would then be the perfect solution for you. In this case you will enter into a lease agreement with us, featuring a fixed term against a fixed monthly user fee. Thus, an investment which is easy to budget. You will know exactly what the monthly expenses of your furnishing will be for the coming years. You can simply spread the cost and reap the benefits of an optimal work environment. Applying to both options, Gispen will retain ownership of the furniture and make sure the furniture is kept in use when you return it.

The professional’s thoughts

Why only lease cars? It is a very common thing to lease your company cars. Knowing what you can expect regarding expenses, flexibility, comfort and maintenance. Our products’ sustainable value and application is our greatest strength. We offer you the same option for your interior design. We would be glad to present you with a constructive proposal that suits your exact requirements. 

‘When opting for a Gispen interior design, price is not the only important thing; the proceeds are what counts, which holds true for every good investment’

Anne Jan Stuij CFO Gispen

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