'It's very important to us that materials keep their value'

'It's very important to us that materials keep their value'

A deal has been struck, what now?

Roland Meijerink, Tactical Procurement Officer at the Municipality of Amsterdam


The municipality of Amsterdam wants to be actively involved in the circular economy by rearranging its procurement system according to circular principles and has therefore signed the Green Deal of circular procurement in 2013. By signing the Green Deal, the municipality of Amsterdam has committed to instigating at least two circular procurement procedures.


These procurement procedures must lead to the verifiable integration of circular procurement into the strategy, policy and procurement processes by 2016. Office furniture was one of the pilot projects.


Roland Meijerink has been working for the municipality of Amsterdam as Lead Buyer at the Facility Management department for three years. The FM is active within the municipality of Amsterdam and provides products and services to the City Council and all its municipalities. The FM is responsible for procurement, the implementation of Framework Agreements and managing the Suppliers of facilities such as corporate wear, furniture and cars. 

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