Waste will cease to exist in the future, only raw materials will remain

Waste will cease to exist in the future, only raw materials will remain

Circular products

Gispen believes in the circular principles. We are convinced that well-designed, durable furniture is the starting point for a sustainable interior. Gispen takes responsibility for its use of materials and closes the loops.

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Gispen collection

The Gispen collection consists of new products that are continuously improved according to the principles of the Design Framework. The lifecycle of products is extended by means of proper maintenance, as illustrated in the infographic above. 



Includes refurbished products that keep their original function. Clients’ products are repaired and, if desired, are given an upgrade (2nd cycle in the infographic). Read more about REVIVED



These products have been given a new function by means of remanufacturing(3rd cycle in the infographic). Read more about REMADE

A selection of circular products

Have a look at a few of our circular products. You will gain a clearer understanding of the standards these circular products need to meet and of the added circular benefits.

• A modular construction

• Fast and easy (dis)assembly

• Easy to expand or adapt

• Limited number of components

• Sustainable materials

• Meets European EN 527 standards

Long lifecycles

Take the TM workstation programme, for example. You could start off with manual height-adjustable TM workstations, with a relatively low investment. If your requirements change over time, you can upgrade to a manual- or electric height adjustment system, or even add a sit/stand option. It is even possible to adapt the furniture into workstations for two, without a divider. The process of expanding your inventory is easy and expeditious.

Advice & project management

Gispen is in a transition. REUSE > LOSS PREVENTION > LESS WASTE PRODUCTION > Key words when we speak of a circular economy. I believe in these circular principles. I am convinced that well-designed pieces of furniture, both new and used, are the starting point for a sustainable interior. But also that optimum use is achieved by the right combination of extending product lifecycles and responsible use. I also believe that you need to take responsibility for the arrangements you make, and that you need the right incentive to close the loops. There is much to be gained!

‘There are other ways of doing things!’

Rick Veenendaal Manager circular economy Contact me

Full warranty

Gispen stays responsible for the returns of products in order to guarantee a circular way of conducting business. As for our own products, they will be given a new lease of life in, of course, a circular way. We provide chain management services for the products of our partners.

Would you like to learn more or discuss things with us, please contact our experts

Circular economy brochure

Brochure circular economy | Gispen

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