'Steel and plastics are recyclable up to 100%'

'Steel and plastics are recyclable up to 100%'

About Recycle

Pieces of furniture that are at the end of their lifecycles are taken apart after which the materials are sorted and reused (the 4th circle).

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Products are disassembled via a take back system. Components that are eligible for reuse are separated. The remaining components and materials are recycled/upcycled. We have made agreements with our suppliers and a waste disposal company for this process. Steel and plastics are recyclable up to 100% and, after processing, are ready to be used again in products. Wood is recycled into a raw material that is used for the manufacturing of new compressed sheets, pallets and ground covers or even fuel for producing green energy. The cloth in which chairs and acoustic walls are upholstered, is used for making new yarn or fabric. We pulverise the upholstery and use the material as acoustic stuffing in walls, for example.

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