A new way of thinking: REMADE

A new way of thinking: REMADE

Repurpose - REMADE by Gispen

The 'REMADE by Gispen' concept has been created for the purpose of closing the loops.

Our objective is to ensure that furniture does not become waste later on, but that it continues to be of value. We do so by changing a product’s function, for instance, or by reusing the raw materials in the process of manufacturing a new product. In other words, your furniture can be returned to give it a new function, or we will refurbish it to brand new. This requires a transition in how one thinks, because who would ever think of making a sofa out of a cabinet? We would!


Cabinet becomes sofa

Many high tambour door cabinets have become redundant because of the digitization of the office environment. Giving these cabinets a new function is not a problem with ‘REMADE by Gispen’. Give us an old cabinet and we can make you a locker, a vertical or even a horizontal seat element. You will be surprised at what we can do!

Have a look at some of the 'REMADE by Gispen' examples below, as you would find them at our showroom in Culemborg. Would you like to see them in person? You can make an appointment with Rick. You can find his contactform below on this page.

Interview with the designer

Rob Lotstra, interior architect Gispen

Different working methods demand a different approach to the working environment. Take tambour door cabinets, for example, which have become obsolete because of digitisation. We think of ways to give these old cabinets a new life in the form of a new product with a different function.
Watch a few interviews about the circular economy, CE Talks, recorded at the Facility Trade Fair.

Key words for the circular economy



A number of key words used in terms of the circular economy. Gispen believes in the circular principles. We are convinced that well-designed, durable furniture is the starting point for a sustainable interior, creating benefits for all parties involved. Whether it concerns your working-, educational-, care- or home environment.


Today's economy is linear by design. The process is based on a 'take, make and dispose of' principle, meaning that raw materials are processed into products and disposed of when no longer needed. A circular economy - on the contrary - functions as a closed loop system. Once products or materials are no longer needed, we will take them back and reuse them in the most efficient way. By means of innovative manufacturing and clever usage. Read more about the circular economy

Design Framework

The Framework has been developed to create a foothold for the design process and the comparison of products. The Framework has made the circular process accessible to both product designers and, for instance, the end user.


This method makes circular design and its resulting products measurable, which is achieved by assessing the underlying requirements and giving each product a number of points on a circular ladder. The Framework covers a wide range of topics, an overview of which can be found below. ‘Reusing products’ is specially featured on this page, also called 'REMADE by Gispen'. Framework circulaire economie hergebruik | Gispen


Using the Framework for Circular Products can benefit you in the following ways:


  • Allows you to weigh the pros and cons of designs and products 
  • Gives a clearer understanding of the considerations, possibilities and the compositions of a product
  • Clarifies the ambitions and goals
  • Inspires to further develop products and processes
  • Uses a process-based approach
  • Easy to implement

Advice & project management

Gispen is in a transition. REUSE > LOSS PREVENTION > LESS WASTE PRODUCTION > Key words when we speak of a circular economy. I believe in these circular principles. I am convinced that well-designed pieces of furniture, both new and used, are the starting point for a sustainable interior. But also that optimum use is achieved by the right combination of extending product lifecycles and responsible use. I also believe that you need to take responsibility for the arrangements you make, and that you need the right incentive to close the loops. There is much to be gained!

‘There are other ways of doing things!’

Rick Veenendaal Manager circular economy

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Brochure REMADE by Gispen

Brochure REMADE by | Gispen

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