A new way of thinking: REMADE

A new way of thinking: REMADE

About Repurpose - REMADE by Gispen

If the function of a product is no longer up to spec, the product or its components can possibly be reused. We call this repurposing or remanufacturing (the 3rd circle). In other words, your furniture can be returned to give it a new function, or we will refurbish it to brand new. This requires a transition in how one thinks, because who would ever think of making a sofa out of a cabinet? We would!

Cabinet becomes sofa

Many high tambour door cabinets have become redundant because of the digitization of the office environment. Giving these cabinets a new function is not a problem with ‘REMADE by Gispen’. Give us an old cabinet and we can make you a locker, a vertical or even a horizontal seat element. You will be surprised at what we can do!

Have a look at some of the 'REMADE by Gispen' examples below, as you would find them at our showroom in Culemborg. Would you like to see them in person? You can make an appointment with Rick. You can find his contactform below on this page.

Interview on REMADE cabinets

Rob Lotstra, interior architect Gispen

Different working methods demand a different approach to the working environment. Take tambour door cabinets, for example, which have become obsolete because of digitisation. We think of ways to give these old cabinets a new life in the form of a new product with a different function. Watch a few interviews about the circular economy, CE Talks, recorded at the Facility Trade Fair.

The professional’s thoughts

‘Nowadays, our clients adopt far different working methods than they would in the past. As a result, they are discarding lots of furniture. We meet with these clients, assess their new requirements and come up with a plan for repurposing the furniture. We then design and manufacture a new product for them that is made for a circular future. People often don’t realise that they are actually looking at old file cabinets.'

Rob Lotstra Interior architect Gispen

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