A better future due to improvement & enhancement

A better future due to improvement & enhancement

Refurbished - REVIVED by Gispen

The ‘REVIVED by Gispen' concept has been created for the purpose of closing the loops.

REVIVED by Gispen supports the circular economy and its ability to give raw materials long lifecycles. The programme allows us to take responsibility for the products we have manufactured in the past. But it does not end there, we also prolong the lifecycles of other manufacturer’s products.

How do we do that? By refurbishing these products at our own factory by our own skilled workers. Each nut and bolt, mechanism and system is scrutinised and improved upon, to create more sustainable and higher quality products for the future. Value retention by means of a serious upgrade, while producing a minimum amount of waste and using little energy. 

When old becomes new

Products that have been deemed redundant by our clients are given a new life and purpose. However, where do you start? We start by carefully analysing our client’s wishes. Next we make an inventory of the reusable furniture that is present on site. A process during which our client becomes a partner. Together we will ensure that the material does not become waste, but remains valuable at all times. REVIVED by Gispen is ready to start.


A concrete example

We take existing Ahrend desks and modify them into workstations for two. During this process, we give the frames a new coat of paint in our CO2 neutral factory. The height adjustment system gets replaced and thereby improved. The workstations are completely refurbished, both in terms of technology and quality.

We replace the removable crank handles by fixed ones, because they have a tendency to get lost or misplaced. We also take care of cable management by adding an integrated cable duct. The old tabletop is given a new lease of life in the form of an acoustic dividing screen between workstations or as a locker cabinet, and everything comes back to the same building. Such methods have allowed us to achieve the objective of 85% circularity.  


REVIVED by Gispen

Hieronder een aantal van de REVIVED by Gispen producten. Teruggekomen bij verschillende van onze klanten vandaan. Door ons als nieuw zijn opgeknapt. Bekijk de uitgelichte producten hieronder.

Brochure REVIVED by Gispen

Brochure REVIVED by |Gispen

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