Mix & match

Mix & match

TEAM table collection

Organisations are subject to constant change; this calls for a certain dynamism within your office and work environment. There is a need for alternating work methods, either individually or together. The number of employees may vary, and companies want to conduct business in a more sustainable way.

Are you searching for a certain dynamism within your work environment? Allowing you to get on the train that transports all kinds of developments? In that case, TEAM will be the perfect solution for you.


It is due to the modular foundation of TEAM that its shape, appearance, function and accompanying accessories are easily adapted to suit your particular needs; both now and in the future.

How you can benefit from TEAM

  • Design your own: many options to give your interior the look that suits your organisation best.
  • Future proof: this table system is easy to adapt to your future needs, while being environmentally friendly at the same time. Gispen will take back any components you no longer need, adopting a circular work method together.
  • Optimal use: the clever modular system allows you to design the table that will suit your application best.
  • Healthy working: alternating between a standing and sitting posture will improve your employees’ health at work.
  • Circular entrepreneurship: with this product you will join Gispen in contributing to the Circular Economy. TEAM has been designed to allow for easy future returns and reuse of materials.  
  • Clever workstation: well-thought-through cable management will ensure a safe and tidy workplace.
  • Adaptable on site: the tables can be adapted at any time and on site, saving you transportation costs and disruption of your work process.

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TEAM in practice

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A word from the designer of TEAM

Clever furniture concepts are developed for the office of today and that of the future. This also holds true for the frame of TEAM. You can expand or change this universal, maintenance-free frame whenever you desire.

Peter de Boer Industrial designer

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A modular system

Exploded view TEAM tafel

Due to its versatile and modular system, TEAM will meet all your wishes of today and those of the future. TEAM comes in the form of your current preferences, but the table system is fully adaptable to any new requirements in function or appearance. Even after years of use at the office; a transformation that takes place on site. This is possible due to the modular connections of TEAM; all the components are assembled via a screw-, magnet- or click connection. No special tools are needed for (dis) assembly.


Think of a conference table you would like to convert into a reading table, or the other way round. The transformation can also imply a transition to a different work method; from working individually to working together, or from focussing to deliberating. A differently shaped table leg, a new top, additional accessories that add function – it can all be arranged in no time at all. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that the programme is very suitable for an agile work method, such as Scrum.

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