'Fewer raw materials, more intermediate products'

'Fewer raw materials, more intermediate products'

The production process

Steel is a good material for recycling. Recycling requires 70% less energy than new production using raw steel. Even better is to not let the steel fully melt, but to use it in its original form; the form of the intermediate product. An intermediate product is part of a product – the steel tubes from which we craft table legs, for instance.

By including intermediate products in the production of new pieces of furniture, waste production is reduced and less energy is needed to renew the products. Efficient and responsible. Options for a modular structure of intermediate products are already considered in the early stages of the design.


The focus in society is shifting from ‘materials’ to ‘labour’. Well-organised logistics, handling and craftsmanship is becoming increasingly important in production. The result: more local employment opportunities.

Reusability increased in our production process

All the products that are delivered by Gispen must feel brand-new, whether they are made out of reused materials or not. In other words, reuse does not lead to a loss of quality, but only to wasting fewer materials and energy. It goes without saying that we attach great importance to the quality of our products. The part of our production process that utilises reused products is stepped up while new production is cut back.