'One of our challenges: to have sufficient raw materials'

'One of our challenges: to have sufficient raw materials'

About Urban Mining

Gispen promotes sustainable reuse by being innovative in both designing and manufacturing furniture, but also by applying clever methods of (re)use. A product will go through four subsequent phases when it is finished, also referred to as the four ‘circles’ of the circular process.

Circulaire infographic | Gispen

Clever use

The demand for circular products is growing exponentially. We respond to this demand by refurbishing existing pieces of furniture. We refurbish products from both Gispen and other manufacturers. One of the challenges we are confronted with, however, is making sure that we have sufficient ‘raw materials’ at our disposal. The solution to this problem is urban mining: a new trend that is focused on extracting raw materials from the city. There are countless pieces of furniture that no longer meet today’s functional and aesthetic requirements and are just gathering dust in storage containers. Gispen is proactive in ‘mining’ usable furniture to keep satisfying the demand, but in a clever and sustainable way.

Circular furniture

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