Zinn sets people in motion

Zinn sets people in motion

Zinn office chair

We sit all day without being aware of it. At the breakfast table, on the way to the office, at a workstation, the dinner table… And at the end of our day, when we are tired of sitting all day, we sit down again in front of the tv. Sitting too much can cause pain, strained muscles, worn out discs and fatigue. And we don’t realise it until it is too late. This is why Gispen has created Zinn.

Zinn sets people in motion

You can adjust the Zinn office chair to your preferred setting via the synchronous mechanism. You can also have the Autofit synchronous mechanism adjust the chair for you, creating an optimal balance and perfect seating position. Zinn will feel comfortable right away due to the well-matched proportions of the seat and back, as well as the properties of the flexible, tilting backrest.

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  • Maximum comfort, the best possible support and flexible elegance

  • Suitable for 98% of all people

  • Quick Adjustment for adapting to the user’s weight

  • Height adjustability with four different gas struts to choose from

  • Seat depth adjustment of 10 cm with a seat that slides under the backrest (preventing an opening between the seat and back)

  • 2D, 3D, 4D or XD adjustable armrests

  • Flexible backrest for optimal pressure distribution

  • Meets (and exceeds) NPR 1813 and NEN EN 1335 standards

  • Height adjustable lumbar support for optimum support. With optional (inflatable) cushion

  • Different adjustment systems to choose from: dynamic synchronous mechanism with active tilt adjustment or Autofit mechanism with automatic adjustment to the user’s weight

  •       Maximum comfort, the best possible support and flexible elegance

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Zinn will meet all your expectations, and it will probably be suitable for what you have in mind for the future. Adapting the function or appearance of your Zinn product is an easy process – even after some years of use. This can be done on site and without the use of any special tools, made possible due to Zinn’s modular and universal components.

The standard Zinn office chair is suitable for 98% of your employees. The other 2% can be accommodated as well by fitting a higher or lower gas strut or by adding XD armrests to their Zinn chairs. In addition, the Zinn office chair can be equipped with a head rest. And if the upholstery of a seat or backrest needs replacing, we will arrange this on site at your office.

Zinn conference chair

Zinn conference chairs combine well with Zinn office chairs. The similar design language and finish will provide a uniform look and guarantee that you are comfortable every time you hold a meeting.

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