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Sustainable solutions

Every single product we produce looks and feels like new. This applies both to products made from recycled and new materials. In other words, whenever we reuse old furniture items or their components, the quality of the products you receive remains the same. Added benefits include less material waste and energy savings. In addition to the production of new furniture, we are dedicating an increasing part of our production capacity to clever recycling solutions.



Refurbished cribs for St. Antonius Hospital


Do your products no longer meet your expectations? In that case you can have them refurbished by Gispen. Chairs can be reupholstered and the tabletops of desks (that are otherwise in good condition) can be replaced, but there are many more possible improvements to be made. When refurbished, these products – of both Gispen and other manufacturers – are given the REVIVED by Gispen label.


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NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen)   landscapem
Agile workstation remade from old filing cabinets, for the NS office


Gispen can take back your old furniture and give it a new function: remanufacturing. This requires a transition in how one thinks, because who would ever think of making a sofa out of a cabinet? We would! And there are many other possibilities. It does not matter to us whether it concerns a Gispen product or one from another manufacturer. Products that are given a new function are given the REMADE by Gispen label.




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