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Gispen Remade flexible workspaces collection

Gispen can take back your old furniture and give it a new function: remanufacturing. This requires a transition in how one thinks, because who would ever think of making a sofa out of a cabinet? We would! Gispen converts old cabinets into new workstations, seating elements and telephone booths, or even lockers and pantries. Based on circular principles, we take apart an old product and design and create a 'new' product that is in demand. And it does not matter whether it concerns a Gispen product or one from another manufacturer. Products that are given a new function - and value - are given the REMADE by Gispen label.

Which option will you choose?

There are two options for REMADE by Gispen: 

  1. Request a custom solution: we will develop a 'new' REMADE by Gispen product with you. Your wishes and needs are our guiding principles in doing so.
  2. Purchase an existing REMADE by Gispen concept: you hand in your old product and we will surprise you with a newly remanufactured product.
Remady by Gispen Picknick table and bench in black in front of brown wood patern backpanel front left view

More information? Read our REMADE by Gispen brochure to learn all about this new and sustainable way of thinking and redesigning.

Gispen interior architect

Rob Lotstra

Many organisations think completely different to how they did in the past. This is partly due to digitisation. Some products, such as filing cabinets, have become redundant because of this digital evolution. We respond to this trend by meeting with these clients and finding out together what their new requirements are. We then then design a new product for them that is ready for a circular future. 



Gispen office project Brightlands Center Court in Geleen DF1578

What is your vision of a circular interior?

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