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Closing the loops

The starting point of a circular economy is to close the consumption and production loops. Gispen uses materials that are still in their raw form and ensures value retention. We do so by creating products from intermediate goods that can be reused in the future. This allows us to produce products that look and feel like new, using the same materials time and time again. The result is furniture with an exceptionally long life span.  

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The Design Framework

Every action that closes (one of) the loops is of great value to us. However, what makes one product 'more circular' than another? This very question is the exact reason why we developed the Design Framework: a tool for comparing products and underpinning design features. The Design Framework makes circular design and the resulting products measurable. We assign scores to new products based on the parameters of the framework. The higher the score, the longer the lifespan of a product. We guarantee this through reuse, functional adjustments during use, rebuilding a product where possible and - if none of the above are possible - we do so through recycling. 

How does it work exactly?

The Design Framework consists of 47 statements divided into seven themes. The themes are: materials, production, (dis)assembly, logistics, maintenance and upgrades, reuse and returns. The statements in each theme can only be answered with 'yes' or 'no'. This results in a score per category. These scores can differ, because not every product has the same characteristics. It is possible that a product scores lower on 'materials', but very high on 'assembly and disassembly', for example. The result is a spider web that provided an overview of how a product scores on the various themes. A circular design is therefore not black or white. We assess our products at several levels. 

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Continuous improvements

The Design Framework makes it easier for Gispen to keep improving its products. It allows us to make both our new and remanufactured products more sustainable. Every decision we make contributes to our circular economy. The Design Framework makes circular development transparent. Not only for our product designers, but also for you and your organisation.



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