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Modular, sustainable and future-proof

HUBB is an innovative collection of furniture that has been specially designed for education. However, it will also thrive within other sectors due to its modular system. Hubb consists of a series of elements with a seemingly straightforward basic shape, which can be linked to form endless combinations. The wide applicability of HUBB will facilitate various activities in any custom-made work or learning environment. 


Endless combinations

When we take a closer look at education, we find that no semester is the same when it comes to the curriculum and teaching methods. HUBB offers a solution to this problem. A set of chairs and tables that is being used for working in groups in the first semester, can be altered for studying or doing research by adding a canopy. Another example is to connect chairs to form a bench. There are countless possibilities.

HUBB - eindeloos combineren mogelijk.
HUBB   landscapem


The HUBB furniture collection is universally appreciated, and has been crowned with no less than 3 awards.

ARC17 Furniture Award
HUBB furniture collection, designed by Mecanoo architects and Gispen has been awarded with the ARC17 Furniture Award. The jury, led by Diederik Fokkema, was impressed by how the design facilitates a flexible use of space.

Architizer A+ Awards
HUBB won both the jury award and the audience award at the international Architizer A+ Awards. HUBB won these awards in the 'Contract – Furniture’ category. 

Red Dot Award
HUBB has also been awarded with a Red Dot Award. Once a year this renowned designer award is handed out for new and innovative products that stand out because of their excellent quality. 



  • Fit more workstations into a room than with a traditional furnishing
  • A sustainable and long-term solution
  • Great flexibility in terms of (re)furnishing existing structures
  • Have all desired electric amenities within reach
  • Study or work in an ergonomically responsible way
  • Unity and tranquillity for your interior due to the universal basic shape

Activity-related work methods

The learning and working environments of today demand more versatile and tailor-made workstations that can support the employees’ various activities. Some activities demand concentration or privacy, while others call for consultation.

This is why Gispen and the architects of Mecanoo have designed a furniture concept that can facilitate all these different work methods. Using HUBB elements you will be able to divide up any space in a flexible way. Various zones are easily created: from a zone for focused work or teamwork to a zone where people can socialise. Even within the same space.


Gispen education project Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven MA08
Project: Fontys University of Applied Sciences - Applied Natural Sciences
Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht   landscapem
Project: Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht.

Interior unity

Every HUBB configuration starts with a steel frame, beechwood panels and a canopy of recyclable PET felt. These are the three materials that every HUBB element consists of. Whichever layout is applied, a universal design for your leanring or working environment is guaranteed because of the recurring base elements: a steel base, wooden mid-section and a PET felt top. 

There are also custom HUBB solutions possible in addition to the standard elements. 



Maurits van Berckel Commercial Director Gispen
Gispen education project Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven K5B8493
Gispen education project Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven 00A0356
HUBB slidable top.

Clever applications

A number of clever solutions have been applied to HUBB for the integration of various electrics. Power outlets and USB chargers for laptops and telephones can be integrated into the tabletop, for instance. The tables are equipped with slidable tops to provide an ergonomic workstation for each unique user. The integration of motion sensor lighting is optional.

Wide applicability, future-proof

HUBB’s wide applicability also applies to other sectors such as education, healthcare and cultural institutes. Activities that range from meetings up to individual tasks; HUBB can provide a solution for about any situation. An added benefit of HUBB is that you will be able to fit more workstations in a space than you would with a traditional furnishing. Moreover, HUBB is a timeless solution that will last for many years. Any alterations, addiotions or upgrades are easy to realise along the way.


TU Delft   landscapem
Project: TU Delft.


In addition to ergonomics, the circular economy served as an important starting point for the design and production of HUBB. Using as few components as possible to create as many different configurations as possible. Every single component is easy to (dis)assemble and can be reused when needed. The materials include wood from European reforestation forests, recyclable PET material, recyclable steel and screw and snap connections instead of applying glue.  


All the components can be disassembled and are fully reusable.


None of the elements are glued together.


We strive to use as few components as possible. Every seat is made of a single wooden shell.


Open the drop-down menu below for documentation and more information on the materials and specifications.

Brand Gispen
Designer Mecanoo


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