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The social distancing office

With the introduction of PEXX transparent screens we offer a solution for the changing office environment. These screens ensure that your (existing) workspace facilitates the required physical distance without losing visual contact. There are different screens available that offer a solution for any type of workstation. The flexible plexiglass screens are easy to attach and remove without damaging the workstation.

We have designed the transparent screens in such a way that they move up and down with your desk, allowing you to safely alternate between a seated and standing posture. The four variants are further explained below:




Attaches both to the side and rear of the tabletop and moves along with the desk when adjusted in height. The side screen is 80 or 100 cm wide which makes it protrude beyond the tabletop, providing extra protection from the left or right.

TMNL, PEXX, Zinn, Dombo   landscapexl
TMNL, PEXX, Zinn, Dombo   landscapexl


This variant mounts on top of the upholstered dividing screen in between your dual workstation. The height of the panels is ideal for a seated position. No special tools are needed to attach the panel to the dividing screen; the brackets simply slot into the dividing screen. 


Monitor screen 

This screen is to be fitted at the very end of the monitor arm. The screen moves along as you adjust your monitor and is therefore always in the correct position when facing the monitor. The screen has a round opening for routing cables from monitor to arm.


TMNL, PEXX, Zinn, Dombo   landscapexl
TEAM Wood rectangle high, PEXX, Trinnial High 75, Dombo   landscapem

Stand alone screen

This screen allows one to collaborate with others by having a transparent dividing screen on top of a conference table, reception desk or cabinet without losing visual contact. These screens can be moved freely to any position and are kept upright by means of sturdy metal feet.



  • Physical separation without losing visual contact
  • Easy to install or remove, without damaging your workstation
  • Easy to clean
  • Facilitates both a standing and seated desk position
  • Universal mounting points for a wide applicability
  • The material is 100% recyclable

Easy to clean

The plexiglass material is easily cleaned without e use of alcohol-based cleaning agents. The mounting brackets are made of black painted steel and are easy to attach to a workstation without using any special tools. 


Gispen SEPP Acoustic screen for dual workstation with black frame and upholstered in turquoise with PEXX transparent screen front left view


Whenever we design a product, we already take account of future returns and reuse of components and materials. Gispen takes responsiblity for the entire lifespan of its products. We can take back your workstation (or parts of it) when it has reached the end of its lifecycle and give it a new function or refurbish it into a product that is as good as new. When these plexiglass screens are at their end, they can be processed into a new product.


of PEXX is recyclable.


The 4 different types of screens will allow you to provide any desk with a physical separation without losing any light or sight.


The panels are only 4 mm thick, which is sturdy enough and very efficient in terms of packing.


Open the drop-down menu below for documentation and more information on the materials and specifications.

Brand Gispen
Furniture line PEXX
Material Plexiglas
Color Transparant
Brightlands Center Court   landscapem


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