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With the arrival of the Silence Meet, the Silence family is complete. The box is ideal for uninterrupted meetings and brainstorming for up to 4 people. The box is also a good solution for concentrated co-working and video conferences. The Silence Meet offers all the options to support your favourite way of working.


The Silence Meet offers enough flexibility to adapt the work environment without major changes. The box moves easily with the changing office environment; movable thanks to wheels.
Silence Meet Connect low, Well , Assist, Sliding Door Cabinet   landscapexl
Silence Meet Connect low, Well    landscapexl

sound insulation

One of the best sound insulation products on the market. Various configurations to choose from: there is a suitable solution for every activity.


When setting foot in a Silence Meet, you will experience peace and quiet right away, without it feeling oppressive. The Silence Collection has been designed to offer the right balance between ventilation and acoustics. The silent ventilation system creates a light breeze, to which you can make your own adjustments.

Moreover, Silence Meet is one of the best insulating products on the market. The full sound reduction ensures that conversations outside the unit will not disturb you. Or, in other words, privacy for the user of the Silence Meet and no disturbance for colleagues in the same environment. This is what we call a comfortable work environment - even for longer periods of time.



You can give your Silence Chat a design that matches perfectly with your corporate identity and the rest of the work environment. You can choose between 120 beautiful fabric colours of the Kvadrat Divina, Divina MD and Divina Melange collection, or you can choose a colour from the Gabriel Soul Melange palette.


  • Ergonomically designed table with mobile device compatibility
  • 100% Plug & Play
  • Five different interiors to choose from
  • Experience privacy, without it feeling oppressive
  • The best ventilation on the market
  • ‘Natural air conditioning’ for a constant temperature
  • Automatic light sensor and ventilation


The Silence Collection is designed to evolve with the times. You may need a single workstation for videoconferencing today, while next year you may have a completely different function in mind. This collection is built in such a way that all components are easily upgraded or replaced. Highly sustainable.


38,76% of materials used to manufacture Silence Chat are recycled


Silence Chat is 60,68% recyclable in the future


Silence Chat is manufactured in a factory with 100% renewable energy


Open the drop-down menu below for more information on the materials, documentation and specifications.

Brand Ahrend
Designer Basten Leijh
Size Exterior: 226 x 225 x 233 cm. Interior: 208 x 222 x 207 cm.
Material Outer fabric is available in Kvadrat Divina, Divina MD and Divina Melange (more than 120 colours) or in Gabriel Soul Melange. Finishing walls inside: 2 colors of felt, soft and sound-absorbing. See brochure for materialization of the Silence Collection.
Color Table top is available in black, white or oak finish. Pastille W821 P2 table lamp, available in black and white. See brochure for materialization of the Silence Collection.
Options Choice of different configurations. See brochure for all options.

Smart PuK powered by Zens

The smart PuK powered by Zens is a sensor that measures whether a workplace is occupied. Upon arrival at the office, you can see in real time via a dashboard which workplaces are already occupied and which are still available. If a workplace is hardly used, this becomes clear and the workplace can be moved or removed to ensure optimal occupancy. The PuK signals whether a workplace is potentially broken or needs maintenance or cleaning. With the PuK it is also possible to charge your phone or airpods wirelessly. The LED ring on the PuK shows the occupancy with colours.

Qabin Chat Focus, 2020 Extra Verta, Smart PuK   squarem
Brightlands Center Court   landscapem


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