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Gispen NOMI chair collection in front of striped wall front view

A designer chair with character

This characteristic and highly sustainable chair collection was designed by Just Meijer. A designer who is not only driven by chair designs, but who also has a family connection with Gispen. The collaboration has resulted in a unique chair collection: known for its wide range of models, its versatility and high level of comfort.



The overview to your right shows the various models, colours and materials to choose from within the NOMI collection. The removable covers will allow you to add even more variation to your interior. All NOMI chairs share the same design language for a uniform look should you combine different types of NOMI chairs in your work environment.


Gispen NOMI collection front view


  • The 3D-formed plastic shell offers a high level of comfort due to the flexible properties of the material 
  • All the components are interchangeable, making NOMI chairs very flexible in use within your work environment
  • The removable cover allows you to easily transform NOMI from a bare plastic chair into an upholstered chair
  • Many options to give your interior the look that matches perfectly with your organisation
  • Whichever NOMI model you choose: together they will always create unity, while every chair retains its own unique character 
  • Easy to adapt on site to meet new requirements; a solution that is environmentally friendly at the same time


Modular and circular

The NOMI chair collection is very sustainable. The removable cover is no different. There is no glue involved in installing the cover, which allows you to easily transform NOMI from a bare plastic chair into an upholstered chair. The cover comes in different fabric types and is lined with a thin layer of foam for an extra comfortable seat and backrest. NOMI covers add comfort to chairs in conference rooms, boardrooms, waiting areas, restaurants, healtcare environments and at home. 




NOMI is a versatile and dynamic program based on one basic idea. The starting point is the plastic shell that remains intact. The shell must flex, but in a controlled manner, otherwise ergoNOMIc neck issues may occur.
Just Meijer Designer
NOMI Wood, TEAM Wood round   squarem
NOMI Classic   portraitm

Very sustainable

The shell of NOMI is made through ‘co-injection’ technology and is unique in its structure and compound: it consists standard of 40% recycled materials, the remainder of a new thermo-plastic polymer. This makes Nomi highly UV resistant, but also allows for easy cleaning. The more sustainable shell consists even of 90% recycled materials. The chairs with cover come with this shell as standard, but this chair is also available without a cover and is a real eye-catcher with a good story to tell.



Gispen believes firmly in its circular model, which is why we already took account of returns and reuse of components and materials when we designed NOMI. Gispen stands for high-quality products and takes responsiblity for their entire lifespan, while reducing waste production for as far as possible. When a product is at the end of its lifecycle, we give it a new function or refurbish it into a product that is as good as new.

Make Nomi even more sustainable and opt for a durable fabric. We work with many fabric suppliers, of which some use hemp-based or recycled plastic materials. 


of the shell is made from a special plastic (Restylon P) and consists of 40% recycled materials. The more sustainable shell shell consists of 90% recycled materials.


With a circularity percentage of 68%, NOMI is valued at 3 stars on our circular design framework.

100 %

You are given 100% exchange guarantee



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Brand Gispen
Designer Just Meijer
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