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Environmentally friendly

Gispen REMADE is a circular furniture collection consisting of reused components. Each product from the collection has a past and is given a new lease of life. The components are taken from products that have become redundant, but are not completely stripped down to their raw materials. We try to prevent melting down any steel, for example. REMADE saves energy and resources but also reduces transport, which is good for the environment.



Model range

Turning an old cabinet into a telephone booth or seating element. The possibilities are (almost) endless! Be surprised by the variety of products and functionalities we can realise for you on the basis of recycled materials. 



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  • Create an inspiring interior
  • No resources are wasted for this product; pay less ecotax
  • Your furniture will retain value instead of becoming waste
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Project: Biosintrum - a new workstation was made out of an old cabinet

A new mindset

Who would think of turning a cabinet into a sofa? Gispen would! We take back used pieces of furniture and give them a new function or refurbish them to be as good as new. This requires a different mindset. Our goal is to make sure that furniture does not end up as waste but that it continues to be of value. There are countless ways of changing the function of a product or repurposing the materials for a new product. By giving old or damages products a new function we are one step closer to closing the material loop.



Reuse, loss prevention and fewer resources. Key words when we speak of a circular economy. Gispen believes in these circular principles. We are convinced that well-designed, durable furniture is the starting point for a sustainable interior. Our goal is to make sure that your furniture does not end up as waste but that it continues to be of value. This means that you can return your furniture to us and we will give it a new function or refurbish it to as good as new. Gispen will use your redundant furniture to design a ‘new’ product that meets new requirements, and does so according to circular principles. In this process, it does not really matter whether the item is a Gispen product or not. Either way, we will breathe new life into the product or component.


Every single component is looked at to determine its value, giving it multiple lifetimes


The back panel of REMADE storage cabinets are made from a fabric that consists of 100% recycled denim. We can even make this fasbric out of your old corporate clothing!


REMADE Picknick is made from 99% reused components. The connectors are the only parts that are new.



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