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STEE is a range of sofas that is ideal for the various activities taking place in offices and other environments. STEE is at home everywhere – including care and educational settings. The range is completely modular and there is an optimum configuration for every purpose.  


The modules of STEE allow you to put together 18 different variations. With the comprehensive fabric and colour options, you can personalise STEE even further!



  • High seating comfort
  • Very flexible, in use and construction
  • Many options to give your interior the appearance that best suits your organization
  • Friendly and airy appearance
  • Available in fabrics for healthcare and education applications
STEE, CIMO, Dombo, Asy, Queen Low R13

rest in the workplace

The most common annoyance in open-plan spaces: colleagues chatting to each other or on the phone. It’s not just the noise either, but also the visual distraction.

STEE helps to create peace in the workplace. If you opt for the high panels, they will deaden the noise and provide visual calm at the same time. Comfortable for those using the STEE, and also for those working in the same space.


Gispen believes firmly in its circular model, which is why we already took account of returns and reuse of components and materials when we designed Nomi. Gispen stands for high-quality products and takes responsiblity for their entire lifespan, while reducing waste production for as far as possible. When a product is at the end of its lifecycle, we give it a new function or refurbish it into a product that is as good as new. 


All materials can be completely separated from each other


18 different variants can be made with the modules


With 72%, STEE earns 4 stars in our circular model, and we are proud of this


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Brand Gispen
Designer Basten Leijh
Brightlands Center Court

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