Gispen CIMO furniture line - Gispen - Arper - Medisit

CIMO derives its name from the innovative combination of its ‘circular’ and ‘modular’ characteristics. The CIMO desk collection combines peerless sustainability with clever design. Not to mention its smart adjustment mechanism, as well as a unique design that supports a healthy way of working. Flexible, quick and simple to operate, CIMO allows you to freely alternate between sitting and standing at your desk.

By combining the latest findings in ergonomics with high quality components and sophisticated design, Medisit has reinvented sitting comfortably.

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How you can benefit from CIMO

  • Design your own: a wide range of options to give your interior an individual look that suits your organisation.
  • Future proof: CIMO is easy to adapt to your future needs, while being environmentally friendly. The frame, for example, is fully recyclable. Redundant components can be easily returned to Gispen; this is how we work towards a circular economy together.,/li>
  • Optimal use: the integrated innovative technology has made it possible to create a unique and sleek design, but also ensures that CIMO uses no energy at all.
  • Ergonomics: varying postures while working improves the well-being of your employees.
  • Circular entrepreneurship:designed to guarantee future returns and reuses, with CIMO you will join Gispen in contributing to the circular economy.
  • Clever workstation: well-organised cable management ensures a safe and tidy place of work.• Adaptable on site: workstations which can easily be adapted on site at any time, will save you transportation costs and will result in fewer workplace disruptions.