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Ellen Lounge by Ellen Sander and the Gispen design team is a rollaway lounge programme with an extending and height adjustable tabletop. The starting point to support ‘Alternative Workplace Strategies’, also called ‘The New Way of Working, in an ergonomically sound way. Working with concentration, relaxing for a while, working together again or conferring with your colleagues, all these activities merge into one another seamlessly.

By combining the latest findings in ergonomics with high quality components and sophisticated design, Medisit has reinvented sitting comfortably.
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The new method of working supposes that employees function as independent entrepreneurs, who can choose what to do at the right moment. Ellen Lounge is suited for this variety of disciplines. The workstation can be easily transformed to everyone’s wishes due to the extending tabletop and electric height adjustment.


Sophisticated materials and shapes ensure the best possible posture when seated. The modules are rollaway and have a built-in electricity supply. Therefore, Ellen Lounge offers an attractive and flexible alternative to costly, fixed lounge units. The dimensions of the tabletop in combination with the fixed floor create optimal legroom in every position. The acoustic punctured steel backplate ensures privacy.


  • The seat is designed in collaboration with experts in ergonomics
  • The complete work area is rollaway
  • Equipped with a fixed floor, no additional structural modifications necessary
  • Electric height adjustable, sliding top
  • Power and data integrated in the tabletop via CableCubby
  • Acoustic walls made out of punctured steel
  • Backplate upholstered by request (optional)


Ellen 3 – Ellen 1 – Ellen 2

Slideable tabletop

The tabletop can be slideable diagonally in two directions in order to increase access to the lounge module. When seated, the top can be adjusted closer or farther away by preference. Practical and easy to reach handles have been integrated into the top for this purpose.

Electrics and safety

Ellen Lounge tables are equipped with a CableCubby as standard:

  • Three power sockets
  • Integrated control panel for height adjustment
  • Loop for fixing a laptop lock
  • Integrated computer display mount (optional)