Gispen Nomi meubellijn - Gispen - HAY

A chair designed by Just Meijer, who is not only passionate about chair design but whose family also has a historic relationship with Gispen. This has resulted in a one of a kind and comprehensive seating programme: Nomi. Distinguished by its versatility and a high level of comfort.

Set Descending Direction

One universal shell , a wide variety of frames, interchangeable armrests and a removable cover – characteristics which have elevated Nomi to a cutting-edge concept. Modular as well as circular. The 3D-moulded plastic shell offers a high level of comfort due to its built-in, but limited flexibility. This ability ensures that there is always some movement in the chair. The shell is designed to be fitted universally to any of the available frames. Therefore, all models are interchangeable. Whichever model you choose: together they will form unity, while every individual chair brings its own character to the table.

Technical specifications

The shell is manufactured by means of ‘co-injection’ technology and its structure and composition is unique: 30% consists of recycled material, the rest is new and made of thermoplastic polymer. Thermoplastic polymer is highly UV resistant and is easy to keep clean; the material is particularly suited for the application of strong antibacterial cleaning agents. The finishing is what gives the shell its highquality appearance.


Nomi can also be upholstered. All it needs is one simple action due to the elastic and removable cover. In other words, the cover is not glued down, which especially befits the high environmental requirements Gispen imposes on its products. Upholstered or non-upholstered; you choose the model that fits you best. And you can easily alter it whenever you wish to do so.



  • 4 legs
  • 4 legs deluxe
  • Closed tubular frame
  • Closed tubular frame with castors
  • Sled frame
  • Wired frame
  • Wood frame