Gispen TM meubellijn - Gispen - Van Esch

The versatile TM programme offers you the possibility to find a solution to every problem with a uniform appearance. The smart construction and excellent value for money also make it a cost effective piece of furniture. And if the situation calls, TM tables can be easily adjusted. TM is very flexible in every range.

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Functional & practical

TM is ideally suited for dynamic organizations with high demands to multifunctional office furniture and which also have high standards for durability. The workstation is easily installed and easy to move. TM is the solution for individual and dual workstations, in series as a shared workstation and conference tables. Varying shapes, varying possibilities. With square or round table legs. The workstation is height adjustable, but can be upgraded to a manually height adjustable desk with a crank.

Versatility and sustainability in perfect condition.


  • Cost effective - due to an optimized production process
  • Simplicity - frame, tabletops and undercarriage are easily installed
  • Flexible - different parts can be easily combined
  • Durable - due to interchangeable components for a cost-saving modification
  • Expandable - due to accessories and wiring
  • Complete - from individual workstations to entire conference setups


An organized cable management will result in a clean, well-organized and safe working environment. TM is ideally suited for this kind of environment. The sliding tabletop enables you to easily reach your cables which are tucked away by means of a cable duct.


  • Sliding tabletop for easy access to your cables
  • Square table leg
  • Height adjustable manually by means of a crank or electrically operated in the tabletop
  • Visible screen under the tabletop
  • CPU holder (for computers fixed under the table)

Different versions

Sit-Stand tables

A variable workplace is good for one’s health: standing at the tabletop or sitting on an office chair. The adjustable tabletop can be quickly adapted to the ideal working position. From 64 to 130 centimeters in 16 seconds, for a fluent transition from a sitting to a standing work posture, very ergonomically sound.

Dual workstations

TM’s dual workstations offer the possibility to work at a shared workstation, fitted with individual height adjustment. Especially suited for workers who regularly vary their working position in a shared working environment. A single fixed frame is applied to minimize the number of components.

Conference tables

TM conference tables complete the comprehensive programme. The tables have round, square or rectangular tabletops. The round tables are equipped with a round leg on a disc- shaped base or, depending on the size of the tabletop, a three or four legged frame.