Gispen UT furniture line - Gispen - HAY

Multifunctional table intended for spaces where a simple table suffices. By having the choice of a round or square table leg, UT is suitable for any interior. Many cafeterias and conference rooms have need for a table that is solid and flexible. The simple construction and the welded frame make Gispen UT the solution. The tables can be easily connected to one another, which gives you the possibility to create a bigger top surface. The sober details make it an low maintenance table.

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction


Standard round or square leg.


  • The height of the table is 75 cm
  • The frame beam has an distance of 2,5 to the edge
  • The square legs have a size of 4x4 cm
  • The round legs have a diameter of 4 cm