Gispen Zinn Furniture line - Gispen - HAY

Gispen is back with its own line of chairs with the Zinn collection by Justus Kolberg. And we are proud of it. Zinn consists of a line of professional office chairs which are easy to operate and offer direct comfort. Next to its office chairs, the Zinn-collection consists of 6 visitors’ chairs with four legs or a cantilever frame.There are many variations: from EN 1335 or NPR 1813 office chairs to 4-legged or cantilever frame visitor’s chairs with or without armrests. There is a Zinn for everyone and for every situation. The office chair and the visitors’ chair combine perfectly because they are both equipped with a netweave backrest.

Set Descending Direction

Good seating

We sit all day, without being aware of it. At breakfast, on our way to the office, at our desk, the dinner table… And in the evening, when we are tired of sitting all day, we sit down again to watch tv. Sitting too much can cause pain, strained muscles, worn out spinal discs and fatigue. You don’t notice it until it is too late. Should we stand all day then? No, standing too much is no good either. Variation is the answer. And making sure that when we sit, we sit the right way.

“Design is balance in relation to the human form”
Justus Kolberg, Designer

One collection, a great deal of possibilities

Zinn office chair

  • EN 1335 or NPR 1813
  • Equipped with Dynamic Synchronous mechanism
  • Easily adjustable height, seat depth, lumbar support and armrests
  • Polished aluminium or black finish

Zinn visitors’ chairs

  • 4-legged frame, stackable
  • Cantilever frame stackable or non-stackable
  • With or without armrests
  • Black, Silver Grey or chrome frame


The Zinn collection is available in 7 different types of high-grade upholstery, specially selected for strength, fire resistance, design, color and price. Zinn will always provide the desired look due to its extensive range of 70 choices.