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MultiLounge by Peter Kenis for Gispen, a new modular lounge programme which can be equipped with an adjustable seat (NPR 1813). Numerous custom made configurations can be created with the use of a number of clever standard elements. From armchair to a single lounge, duo lounge or corner unit or to a long wall with seats. MultiLounge is the answer when it comes to variation in sitting right.

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction


  • Modular system with a limited number of standard elements
  • Large variety of colors, shapes and comfort
  • Available with optimal adjustable seat (NPR 1813)
  • Removable back panel for quick (dis)assembly
  • Replaceable in sections
  • Atmosphere enhancing due to large soft surfaces
  • Power height adjustable and sliding tops

Personal and versatile

Various standard elements are available in order to put together a lounge workstation according to your own wishes. The elements are finished all-around and are easily connected. A special atmosphere can be created with every MultiLounge by combining various fabrics, colors and seams.

Working together, have meetings or a moment of seclusion.
MultiLounge offers variation when it comes to seating in the working environment and contributes to changing posture regularly.

Adjustable seat

MultiLounge can be equipped with an optimal adjustable seat which meets the NPR 1813 guideline.

  • Equipped with tilting mechanism
  • Seat height adjustment 41 – 55 cm
  • Seat depth adjustment 38 – 48 cm
  • Armrest height 20 – 30 cm
  • Space between armrests 36 – 51 cm
  • Lumbar support 17 – 23 cm

Quality report available by request.


Next to its businesslike and reticent use of color, MultiLounge becomes eye-catching by using more daring fabrics and colors from its wide range. A beautifully coordinated assembly can be created by applying the same color palette on Zinn desk and/or visiting chairs.

More options

This product offers interesting possibilities of tailor made work. Would you like to learn more about this product or a special version of this product? Then please provide your details here and we will contact you within 24 hours (during office hours).