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The META kast is a classic-looking cabinet which we have been producing in the most sustainable way possible for years on end. We have done so locally and with the right materials, while thinking ahead about a possible second or even third life for this product. We strive to produce the least amount of waste possible and we do so together with our clients. 

The META tambour door cabinet comes in different sizes. All the interior components are fully interchangeable when you opt for cabinets with the same width.



Interior components

Various layouts are possible: shelves, pull-out frames, file drawers, binders, hanging files, data files and letter boxes can all have their own place inside your META cabinet. The entire range of interior components is fully interchangeable when you opt for tambour doors of the same width.

Cabinets with pull-out frames and drawers are equipped with a locking system, preventing two drawers from being opened at the same time. 


META tambout door cabinet with hanging files.


  • Available in many different sizes
  • META can also be used as a division between workstations
  • Opt between a steel or wooden top
  • Burglar-proof steel door frames or silent plastic tambour doors
  • Many future reusability options
Meta, Remade Wachtbank / Waiting bench
META tambour door cabinet combined with REMADE waiting area bench.

REMADE by Gispen

In case your filing cabinets have becomes redundant because of digitisation, you can give these items a new function through the ‘REMADE by Gispen’ process. We can turn old cabinets into a new workstation, seat or telephone booth. And there are many more options, such as lockers or pantries. Be amazed by the countless possibilities! We would be glad to advise you on a custom solution. 



We already took account of future returns and reuse of components and materials when we designed META . Gispen takes responsiblity for the entire lifespan of its products. When a META product is at the end of its lifecycle, we will take it back and give it a new function or refurbish it into a product that is as good as new. 


META comes in many colours including 3 Cradle to Cradle finishes.


We value SDK at 1 star due to a score of 46% on our circular ladder.


The steel used to produce META cabinets is 100% recyclable in the future.


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Brand Gispen
Designer Gispen Design Team
Brightlands Center Court


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