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A brainstorm, a long or short meeting: it's all possible. Gispen TMNL Agile encourages movement and varied postures while working. The collection features sit-stand tables, specially designed for agile working. This enables your employees to get the best out of themselves.

TMNL Sit-Stand

In addition to the desk program, the Gispen TMNL collection also has a sit-stand series tables. This line is especially designed for agile working. The TMNL Agile program is suitable for multiple activities, encourages movement and variations in postures while working.

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TMNL Agile is very suitable for a flexible working environment. There is a choice of fixed and mobile tables. Numerous configurations are possible. You can change the height in an instant with the electric adjustment. With the mobile tables this can be done cordlessly!


  • Supports and promotes a healthy posture by allowing work to be carried out in a seated or standing position.
  • A great many options to give your interior the look that perfectly suits your organisation.
  • Choose between 5 tabletop shapes: round, rectangular, oval, triangular, square.
  • Also available as a folding table (3 in 1 solution).
  • The TMNL agile can always be configured to suit your needs due to its many accessories.
  • User-friendly electric height adjustment system. The mobile tables come with or without a power cord.


The folding table is a standard sit-stand table, drawing table and whiteboard in one. Due to its simple folding system, you can easily change its function. This allows users to choose the configuration that best suits their needs. Moreover, the TMNL folding whiteboard stows away very compactly.

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Gispen TMNL Agile table in dark grey with grey tabletop and screen bracket with grey felt sidepanel and small and big trays in No Waste lacquer front right detail view


Do you need extra privacy, a monitor or storage space? You can make endless combinations with the many accessories that are available. This is made possible due to the universal frame: the easy attachment system enables you to change the configuration with a single click. In other words, even the accessories are fully flexible in use. 


You can easily adjust the mobile folding table from sitting to standing, or vice versa. With the help of the composite battery pack, this is done without a cord. This makes flexible collaboration effectively efficient!

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Gispen’s standards for the adjustment options go beyond the EN527 and NPR1813 standards.
3-step height adjustment with hand crank from 65 to 130 cm (sit/stand)

Height adjustability

The Gispen TMNL collection has a number of options for adjusting the height of the desktop. You can opt for fixed height with manual height adjustment or flexible height with a hand crank or electrical adjustment. If you wish to switch between sitting and standing throughout the working day, you can opt for manual or electrical 2- or 3-step height adjustment. The 3-step height adjustment with hand crank is ideal for workstations without power supply or flexible-use desks.


Gispen believes firmly in its circular model, which is why we already took account of returns and reuse of components and materials when we designed TMNL Agile. Gispen stands for high-quality products and takes responsibility for their entire lifespan, while reducing waste production for as far as possible. When a TMNL Agile product is at the end of its lifecycle, we will give it a new function or refurbish it into a product that is as good as new.


The tabletops consist of 100% circular materials.


There are three C2C paint finishes to choose from.


Over 95% of TMNL is recyclable in the future.

Gispen oak tabletop with cutout showing Greengridz interior front top left detail view

Lightweight tabletop

Do you want to further reduce your carbon footprint? Then choose a circular tabletop from Greengridz®. This strong, lightweight tabletop is perfect for the desks and (conference) tables from the TMNL collection. Due to its light weight, the top is also easy to install. The tabletop consists of a grid of HDF panels made of sustainable, certified wood. The panels are CARB2 certified, free of formaldehyde and glued with environmentally friendly PVAc D3 adhesive. The tabletop weighs on average up to 60% less than an MFC tabletop.* This makes transport less harmful to the environment. This results in a CO2 reduction, both during the production process and after the end of its lifespan.

REVIVED tabletop

A REVIVED tabletop is an innovative, circular choice for an Gispen TMNL table or desk. It reduces the environmental impact whilst choosing a robust material with a long life-span.

Compact material has been widely used for tabletops in the past. Tabletops made of this material can last up to 30 years. In practice, they are replaced after 10 years on average and the material is lost.

Our Circular Hub takes in around 5,000 used Compact tabletops every year. These are refurbished with a new top layer by an external processor. The now REVIVED tabletops are ready for their next life cycle. This process leads to a carbon footprint reduction of about 95%. By repeating it, we retain the value over multiple life cycles.

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Product specifications

Open the menu below for information about the materials, documentation, and specifications.

Brand Gispen
Designer Marck Haans / Ronald Schipperen
Furniture line TMNL
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