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Drawing on its vision and years of experience in education, Gispen designs and creates learning environments that tie in with both contemporary and future learning. The EDUU furniture collection is the perfect example of this guiding principle. EDUU is a collection of chairs and desks which have been specially designed for education. There are many options to choose from, accommodating the various activities that take place during a typical school day.

EDUU Classic with square, grey table legs.


EDUU Classic is a desk with four legs with either a round or square-tubular frame, suitable for a great many educational applications. There are various tabletops and paint finishes to choose from, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for your learning environment.
EDUU Classic   landscapem
EDUU Comfort, EDUU Comfort Slim   landscapem
EDUU Comfort in green with round table legs and EDUU Comfort Slim chair.


Comfortable and sturdy. EDUU Comfort is a student desk with C-shaped table legs which has been specially designed to provide comfort in the classroom. There are various tabletop and paint finish options, and you can either opt for round or square table legs. You can make a set by combining an EDUU chair with an EDUU Comfort desk.
EDUU Work with round, yellow-gold table legs and EDUU Work Slim chair.


EDUU Work is a student desk with T-shaped table legs which has been specially designed to be comfortable, sturdy and therefore student-proof. There are various tabletop and paint finish options, and you can either opt for round or square table legs. Both the Work chair and desk come in different heights, allowing you to create the right learning environment for every student.
EDUU Work, EDUU Work Slim   landscapem
Gispen EDUU Seminar educational table with black frame and white tabletop front right view
EDUU Seminar with a black wire frame.


EDUU Seminar is a student desk with a wire-type frame. In addition to various tabletop finishes, you can choose between a black or chrome frame. The desk comes in different heights, allowing you to create the right learning environment for every student.


There are a great many combinations to be made with the various chairs and desks from the Gispen EDUU collection. Will you opt for an EDUU Work desk with an EDUU Slim chair? Or would you prefer an EDUU Seminar desk with an EDUU Flex chair? The possibilities are endless, which is what makes the EDUU collection so versatile.     

Gispen EDUU Classic Wood and Seminar educational chair and table styled front and rear right view
EDUU Seminar desk combined with EDUU Classic Wood chair.


  • Sustainable, extremely sturdy and suitable for any type of education.
  • Various colours and materials to choose from; create the perfect ambience.
  • Utilising the highest-quality of materials for student-proof furniture.
  • Specially designed for students, thus easy to pick up and put somewhere else.


When we designed EDUU, we already took account of possible future returns and the reusability of the components and materials. Gispen takes responsibility for the entire lifespan of its products. We will take back your EDUU product when it has reached the end of its life, after we will give it a new function or refurbish it to brand new.


Gispen EDUU can be painted in 3 different C2C finishes: white, aluminium and black.


Steel and Multiplex are the 2 materials that will give EDUU a long lifespan.


Open the drop-down menu below for documentation and more information on the materials and specifications.

Brand Gispen
Designer Gispen Design Team
Size Available in various heights (see brochure)
Material Available in various materials (seebrochure).
Color Available in various colours (see brochure).
Options Available in various frames (seebrochure)
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corporate social responsibility

Operating in a socially responsible way is fundamental to how Gispen runs its business. Our CSR policy applies to everything we do on a day-to-day basis.

We manufacture all our school furniture in collaboration with our sister company 'Presikhaaf'. Gispen and Presikhaaf have been awarded a PSO certificate (corporate social responsibility label). This means that we take our social responsibility seriously and strive to create employment opportunities for disadvantaged workers.

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