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Focussing in an open office environment

The MOXX enclosed workspace allows different activities to take place at the same time within the same office space, without having to add any additional acoustic solutions: conferring, meeting, focussing. The MOXX workspace is fully enclosed, offering both comfort and privacy while staying in contact with the rest of the office. Employees have a need for different ways of working (together) and therefore also for different types of workspaces.

This office concept will also contribute to the acoustics of the room in which it is placed, making MOXX truly one of a kind! In concrete terms, this means that you will not be able to hear those outside the unit, and vice versa!

Gispen MOXX concentratie werkplek

Working responsibly

There are a number of add-ons to MOXX which contribute to a safe and hygienic work environment.

It is possible to put a plexiglass panel on the inside of the unit, for example. This panel is easy to keep clean and easy to add or remove. There is also an extra bracket available for the door handle so that you can open the door with your forearm instead of with your hand. In addition, an occupancy sensor can be placed in the ceiling which indicates that the MOXX unit is occupied.

Due to its modular system, MOXX’s form, appearance and function can be altered whenever requirements change. The ventilation is always optimal and constant, no matter the size; the ventilation capacity will scale up or down correspondingly.

What is your preferred work method?

You can configure the layout of your MOXX enclosed workspace yourself. Do you require a straightforward workspace for catching up on your email for an hour or so, or do you need a more substantial workstation with a sit/stand feature for longer sessions? Feel free to contact us about the possibilities, we will be happy to provide you with tailored advice!

Gispen MOXX ruimteconecpt - exploded view

Key features of the MOXX enclosed workspace:

  • Optimal support for concentrating on your task, for short or long sessions
  • Privacy within a dynamic office
  • Contributes to the acoustics, both inside and outside MOXX
  • Physical separation but with visual transparency
  • Future-proof due to a modular system

Gispen MOXX concentratie werkplek


MOXX office concept

MOXX units are suitable for open work environments where privacy is required, where there is a need for conference rooms and a quiet meeting area or individual workspace. MOXX is ideally suited for multi-functional offices that adopt an activity-related work method.

Gispen MOXX ruimtesysteem

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