The perfect interior design demands time, focus & expertise

The perfect interior design demands time, focus & expertise

Design & realisation

Together we will come up with a design and establish important preconditions. Facility requirements, for example, or occupational health and safety standards and your working process. This is how we will create the best possible work-, learning-, healthcare- or living environment. From the early stages of the project up until realisation, we will always be there to guide you in making decisions. No matter whether you have opted for new furniture or a full interior design, you should always be well informed and inspired. This is something we provide, while always working according to our furnishing philosophy. This allows us to provide you with a tailored interior design. But how does one actually execute a design? You can read all about it on the project management webpage.

Our furnishing philosophy

People thrive in optimum work environments. That is our firm conviction. We create these environments by following a phased working method, guiding you in the process from gaining inspiration to final completion. We take your working process as a guiding principle for creating a functional and pleasant work environment. Together we will come up with a tailored solution. You can read all about this process here. 

Interior design

We give furnishing advice and create well-thought-out designs, considering all of your ergonomic, visual, facility and budgetary expectations. You will be presented with a detailed proposal, including all specifications and quotes. We always start with an initial sketch plan. The preliminary design follows at a later stage, before the final design is completed. During every stage of the design process, you will be presented with images, drawings, sample materials and specifications. This method will allow you and your colleagues to get an idea of what your future interior design will look like. Are you ready for a new, altered or renewed interior and do you require a well-thought-out design to get you started? Read more about Interior design by Gispen.

The graphic designer’s thoughts

I spend time discussing interior design with external clients and with colleagues in-house. Few words often suffice to understand each other. During the phase of development, a design literally takes form in my hands. However, nothing can match the moment of presenting a proposal to a client. I take the client on a visual journey into our world through lucid design.

Lisette van Veluw Graphic & Animation Designer Gispen

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Project management

Our clients are often faced with the challenge of furnishing one or multiple rooms or even an entire building. It is often the case that the deadline for when everything must be operational has already been set. Things must always be completed in time, within budget and in line with quality expectations. Are you looking for someone who can offer assistance and can guarantee a successful completion of the project? Someone who can plan and manage the furnishing process from start to finish – from renovation up until the moving and allocation of furniture, including a quality lighting design and cable management? In that case our project managers are the ones to contact. Read more about Project Management.

The industrial designer’s thoughts

For many years now there’s nothing I have enjoyed more than to design or industrial production. Designing is in fact a form of consulting, but done visually. I design my products together with the client; that is the secret behind a successful industrial & functional product. Perfectly in line with the client’s wishes.


‘Designing is in fact a form of consulting, but done visually’

Peter de Boer Industrial Designer Gispen

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Working process scan & office innovation

The working process scan is a good starting point for a new interior design. The scan will provide insight into your organisation and working processes. We will analyse all factors which are of significance to your work, both internal and external.


The workshop office innovation creates a support base for innovation. You can ask your employees to come up with ideas for the new interior design by means of interactive meetings. We will discuss working methods, desired changes and the necessary steps to achieve these goals. The workshop’s goal is to come to a shared understanding of the role of the new accommodation, as well as the effect it has on the organisation.

Visualisation & graphic design

What will our future work-, healthcare- or educational environment look like? How many workstations will fit in the available space? Gispen’s Studio provides sketches, drawings, presentations and visualisations to make abstract things tangible. In 2D, 3D or even film footage.

You are ready for a new or redesigned interior and you have an idea for it in mind. Or at least some specific requirements for it. You would now like to see a visual representation of it. From mood boards to fully worked-out furnishing proposals; Gispen’s Studio provides you with a clear picture of your new products or environment. Read more about Visualisation & graphic design.

The interior designer’s thoughts

A number of years ago I began to specialise in Change Management. I have learned that much can be gained in this field of expertise. Some employees struggle with change. We strive to help them settle again, ensuring they also share the renewed vision. 

‘During the course of the workshop you notice how people get convinced of how new ways of working support company objectives'

Marieke Kamperman Senior Interior Designer Gispen

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